Easy Trades-------What to look for

I will post trades in here as we go…here is a GBP short to start off.

----Always look for good R:R with the main trend.:38:

Here is a summary of how I trade from my blog:

–The Past tells the Future:
All of the points used to predict a future point have already occurred. All there is left to do is connect those pieces and find the “missing segment” to make a complete cycle which should = 1 or “whole”. This is not to say that all TPs are 1 levels. In fact, many are not. But as we shrink and expand our fib to fit the correct points in the past the golden ratio of .618 shrinks and expands to yield the same patterns over and over again.

–Logic Game:
If any of you are lawyers and have taken the LSAT this will make sense to you. In logic games you are given a set of rules and then asked to answer questions about possible outcomes based on the rules given. Well the market is basically the same way. We know that time on a chart moves left to right and price up and down. The golden ratio gives us perfect trades by setting a key rule:

-Once points are found price will reach a new high or new low (depending on direction of trade) before breaking the point we are projecting price from.

The above rule is key to the trades. If we assume that rule to always be true, then you can place a stoploss under the point you are projecting from and take profit at the projected new high or low. This allows you to take the maximum pips out of the market, unlike many other strategies that let many pips go before getting out of a trade or leave you out of the trade as the market continues in what would have been your favor.

This is why I choose to trade using only the golden ratio.

Sounds interesting. It’s a more focused use of fib levels to me so I want to see where this goes.

Yes I do use very focused fib points, but I wouldn’t mind answering questions about how to pick the right trades for any system :wink:

I hope some of you took the weekly sell signal on the GBP from the first post :slight_smile:

====Lets look at the weekly GBP short
----------A very simple way of tracking price is long term trendline breaks/tests.
----------It is easy to draw trendlines on highs and lows or on the opens/closes (the dotted TL)
----------Part of a successful trading plan involves waiting (on any TF) for the setups you like, and avoiding trading if you have no direction.

these charts mean nothing to me. There are so many lines that there is a high chance that any of them could be potential support and Resistance. Also if you play a logic game that assumes that everyone is thinking on the same thought ‘level’. So level 0 i just think about what i am doing. level 1 i am thinking about what your trying to do. level 2 i am thinking about what your thinking about what i am going to do. etc. etc… this is impossible because once you take it 1 level to high or to low you lose. i need a more concrete example