ECN Commissions?

My strategy fits ECN accounts as scalping is more accurate with lower spreads, but with this I find that commissions charged can cause a bit of unbalance as the ea is making decisions based on pip profit or loss of each order.

I understand that we cannot have everything ( I wish I could) but I am looking for more opnions without heading towards fake ECNs that will run trading through the dealing desk.

At the moment I am trading with Yadix, I started on the scalper account that has raw spreads from 0.1 and a commission of 1 pip per lot. Now I have built my balance to over 5000 so I have the Pro account has additional Liquidty and lower commission of 0.6 pip, which I think makes sense from the perspective of true ECN.

I understand that the broker also liquidity, bridge and server costs so this commission is not their net profits.

So is a broker that offers 0.3, 0.4 or 0.5 pip ecn commission too good to be true, should I suspect that they will run my trades through the dealing desk and give my startegy problems if I continue to make money?

Any feedback will be grateful as I am happy with Yadix, but wouldn’t looking for a back up option for low ecn commission

broker i use tickmill , have 0.4 pips commisions for 1 lot
and i think broker profit does not come from commisions only
i think they have some deal with their liquidity
it is like ForexBroker IB who got rebates from clients trade
maybe brokers got rebates too from clients total lots

Hi Buddy

If you are seeking reliable and true ECN broker i will advise you to look at Swiss bank, Ducascopy.

Also, I advise You to be careful with Yadix, It’s typically offshore broker, and i doubt, that they are really STP, because there is no regulatory body that can check this.

Besides it Ducascopy offer lower commission.

Have a look at Hotforex its one of the brokers I trade with (others are FXCM and Global Prime) they have 0 spread account and for majors commission is 0.8 pip per lot. Not sure if they run NDD but been trading with them for years and no signs of abnormal execution from their side.
Anyway good luck in your search.

What is Yadix? Where do you find so strange brokers? There is no hope for a real ECN

i read in FPA, yadix have too much problems with their clients, and it is not simple problems, people there said, yadix delete their profit and took their deposited money

thx god, it is not happen in broker i used, Tickmill and primus

the truth is that the ECN commissions comes directly from Liquidity providers and thus, there are no mark up costs. One can trust ECN broker/ECN account because the spread in ECN account is very low and good for higher profits.

I’ve just gone with Vantage FX on a mentor’s recommendation.

Worth a look.

check ASIC regulated Vantage FX RAW ECN account…only $3 commission and very competitive ECN spreads…All those Cyprus and Seychelles regulated brokers who give you spread 0.1 or 0.2 run you on b book anyway and you will not be able to make any money anyway and if you do happen to make any money then good luck withdrawing them…

We are all on B-Book if we lose or if we trade with low deposits. How you can imagine 0.02 lot moved on interbank market. The point is that company should run hybrid model to stay profitable and offer competitive services for pros and newbies just testing waters. I trade with Cyprus Regulated broker Hotforex, the times Cyprus was offshore passed now its decent regulator with rescue fund, strict auditing etc.

How can you honestly believe that?