Economic Calendar Light For Next 24 Hours

The weekly economic calendar ends Thursday with only a few indicators of note, the balance of payments predominate among them. During the next 24 hours, news on the Japanese merchandise trade balance is of particular importance as a possible barometer for the effects of the slowdown in US GDP growth on the export-oriented Japanese economy.

Data released within the past 24 hours presented a mixed picture for the health of the industrial sector. While the All Industry Activity Index surpassed expectations, the BSI large all industry report showed an unanticipated second quarter of declining business confidence.
[B]Next 24 Hours:[/B]

  • [B]Merchandise Trade Balance Total (MAY) (yen)[/B]
    Expected: 540.0B
    Previous: 922.8B
  • [B]Adjusted Merchandise Trade Balance (MAY) (yen)
    [/B] Expected: 745.0B
    Previous: 1027.8B
  • [B]Supermarket Sales (YoY) (MAY)[/B]
    Expected: n/a
    Previous: -1.0%
    [B]Last 24 Hours:[/B]
  • [B]Bank of Japan Monetary Policy Meeting Minutes for May
    [/B] Actual: n/a
    Previous: n/a
  • [B]BSI Large Manufacturing (QoQ) (2Q)
    [/B] Actual: -2.2
    Previous: 0.1
  • [B]BSI Large All Industry (QoQ) (2Q)[/B]
    Actual: -0.9
    Previous: 6.2
  • [B]Bank of Japan Governor Muto to Hold Press Conference
    [/B] Actual: n/a
    Previous: n/a
  • [B]All Industry Activity Index (APR)
    [/B] Actual: 1.2%
    Previous: -1.4%
  • [B]Convenience Store Sales
    [/B] Actual: -0.7%
    Previous: -0.7%

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