Economic Data Releases

Are there any websites out there that give results within the minute of all the different economic data releases?

There is one that I use, and it gives the results right when they are released, but it only reports on about half of them. One of the DEMO platforms that I am using has no kind of news service whatsoever and the other one, while it reports all of the data releases, has like a 7-10 minute lag behind it.

I am assuming to get what I want that will have to probably subscribe to some kind of news service but if anyone knows of anywhere where I can get them at no cost and within the minute it would be highly appreciated.

did you try this? Forex Calendar @ Forex Factory

First of all, thanks for the reply.

Yes, that is the one that i am currently using and it is great, I really love that site and how you hit that little green button right before the news comes out. And it gives you the results within seconds. But it doesn’t list all of the releases (maybe the ones that they do not list are not as important as I think they are or should be), …what is your opinion on that? Should I just concentrate on the ones that they list?

from my opinion most important news are with the red and orange icon next to the release those are moving with market but the rest is not that important.thanks to god i don�t need to use it with my trading style.:stuck_out_tongue:

have a good one


I am currently using two trading Demo platforms; one for Tech. trades and one for just trading on news releases. The news releases account so far has been easy pickings. Beginners luck maybe. I am not ready to risk money in Forex yet, I have a lot to learn, but I am enjoying the learning process totally.

thats great i made huge progress in last 5 months since i started and already created my own 2 systems which works well and the latest one just great and i love it.

Hi, me I use Forex Calendar @ Forex Factory for the news. But I don’t if you want to trade the news, but me I trade just the red ones cause the others ones have usually a minor importance in the market. Best Regards… Bammy96