Eddy's Journal

Hi fellow traders,

Wanted to start a journal a long time ago, but things got in the way until now.
Here I will be sharing some Ideas of how I trade using videos and screenshots also. One of my main startegies uses trendlines on the 1hr chart among many other strategies you will find interesting. I have also a facebook page called Forex Farm where I post updates, signals, indicators and stuff. Facebook

Please be part of this journey, as look forward to learn from many of you also.

Attached is a screenshot of one of the strategies I use. Please feel free to comment down below and let’s start our journey together.

Here’s a video I made on youtube also.

Hey guys, here’s an update video of yesterday trade that end up making 75 pips. If you already liked Forex Farm on facebook you should see this video in there, if not I encorage you to like the page and share with us your trades. This is a gbp/jpy trade I did today.