Edge Zone EA Perfect Trading System

I recently Started using the Edge Zone Expert Advisor with good success in my Demo trading. I am now putting it on my live charts in forex pairs.

Once I put the expert advisor in all my pairs, the EA wont allow me to use the demo charts anymore to further test out my other strategies on back tests.

This is what the installation says about the EA:
The EA can be used on different accounts but the EA is bound to one account number per day until 0 GMT. At 0 GMT the account number is reset on the server side. After the reset you can use the EA on a different account.

So here is my question:
How can i further do back tests on the Edge Zone Expert Advisor when the EA will not allow me to use but only one account? A little hard to back test on the side testing different strategies when the live chart is running.

Any help here would be fantastic!
Thanks ahead of time.

This is the business model of the EA creator. You won’t be able to do much about it, except: 1. first do all the demo tests of all the pairs you want and if they are good, then go live or 2. buy another version for your live account.