Efx New Gts Platform

Hey Guys , today i was browsing EFX Group site and open the link ( http://www.efxgroup.com/download/ ) and guess what is happened … i found a download window appears when it is completed it was executable file , then i installed it and imagine what it is !!!
IT IS GTS PLATFORM FOR EFX GROUP … YES LIKE FX SOLUTION PLATFORM , i just want to tell you about because EFX GROUP platform was always the downside for the company and with GTS platforn i think it will be amazing ,but it is still not working to trade i think that they still working on it …Try the link and tell me what is your opinion …

Dear Forum Members,

This is an old link from when we used to work with FXSOL in 2003. I am not sure how this is still found, but it is no longer valid and we have no relationship with FXSOL.

Thank you and sorry for the confusion.

Dear Justin ;

Thank you for your explaination … i would to inform you that i trust EFX and like what it offers as 400$ IB account what is just wonderfull … but if they develop a more human friendly interface it will seems that no one can beat them … that is why i was happy when i think that they will use similar interface as FX Solution’s interface … any way hope to have the new EFX interface soon … and thanks for your response …