Elite Panel - must have tool for manual trading. At least for me

Hi all

I’m using nice tool that save my time and help me a lot in manual trading. Visually, it’s like simple panel with BUY/SELL buttons… options Trailing SL, breakeven… few scripts for fast manage…
Nothing special, just all things in one place.

File will be here tomorrow in the archive

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I agree with your thread. because when the trader’s capabilities increased, then there must be a means by which emended.

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I will upload the files here tonight for easy download. For me - this is good for active trading and easy to manage orders by time frames on the same pair too, because magic is different by time farmes as well. Anyway, just good tool for good people :wink:

finally, it’s attached. Elite Panel for manual trading care… quite impressed with it and options. Simple, powerful.

I will attached few more useful things that I got lately from these guys. ElitePanel.ex4 (280.4 KB)
ElitePanel_users_manual.pdf (1.8 MB)

Hey all

got a new scalper from that source… will upload it once finish with the tests…
Looks nice on first view, GBPUSD and M5 with one time auto trade option.


did you try it? Any ideas how to improve?

Well, if you want to trade properly, then you need to have a tool. I think that each broker will provide relatively good trading platform, with nice charts, so you dont need to bother too much

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Yes, but they do provide just classic things… This panel is much more convinient, at least, I think so.

WOW… just now noted how old is your post… sorry

strange, I have attached file twice - but it’s still not there.

Finally, file is here. Attached.

Check it out.

By the way, Samurai robot is doing great lately.ElitePanel_v2.ex4 (183.5 KB)