Elliot wave masters

I want to start this topic to help everyone who has been struggling with understanding the complex Elliot wave principle, Elliot wave is not hard to understand but it not easy as well if you work hard on it you can understand it. With my free mentorship i promise you will be a master of it soon. I will post my chart and explain how I enter in trades. Elliot wave gives us ability to know what happened before in the market, what happening currently and what will happen in the future. So stick with me I’m going to prove why it the greatest analysing tool every trader needs.

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I think you will start hearing this complaint so let me be the first to just put it out there, to gain some credibility you will need to post trades before they happen rather than after the fact. I won’t get into the reasons why because I think that is obvious. Best of luck on your thread.


Dont worry my friend im going to do that. i understand how fake gurus work, if you go to my site you will see i analised live the AUD/CAD and posted later after i made entry and it going well.

I really appreciate your idea. Surely, I’ll also follow you since I haven’t enough knowledge on E.Wave. I am basically a PA based trader. Hope for the best.