Elliott wave theory

Hi friends,
Am new to this forum. Greetings to every one.
Please i want to know about elloitt wave and how i can use that to predict the market

Well school of pipsology explains it in detail and provides links for own study from other sources.

Starts here Elliott Wave Theory | Elliott Wave Theory | Learn Forex Trading

A new chapter begins on EU…

This is my chart analysis from last week, saturday. As you can see the fifth wave is already in progress.I measured its lenght from the lenght of the third wave. 61.8 % already hit, 100% is 1.4305. Currently the third wave of the 5th is froming…

crickey pandras, that’s some nice analysis :smiley:

Google Elliot wave International and you can sign up for free to their website and resource

good luck trading with the waves.

Thanks pandras

Nikitafx question 4 u. I dont like elliot wawes i hate them and dont want to use them, can i still be good trader without them?
Thank you!

I am yet to come across an Elliot Wave Trader who is raking it in so the answer to your question is a resounding yes.

All you need to know to be able to trade is Supply and Demand areas or what is also known as S & R areas.

Add in some candle stick patterns and you are on your way.

You than couple both with a good money management plan and you should do fine.

Dont complicate it with indicators and other crack theories.

Thank You very much Nikita, respect!

Yep, not a fan of them either. They only seem to look good in hindsight. People that use them usually get slaughtered, or don’t have the patience to ride them out. Look for other ways. The good news is, in Forex there are tons.