Elliott waves, Fib and technical analysis

Posting some of my analysis and trades.
Today closed all my longs on GJ and taking a few scalps on shorting this pair.

Will have tight stops on Short, if 142.10 is broken convincingly, then 143.50 is next.

So we have now reached the resistance at 143.50, my longs from 142.20’s are now closed. The shorts from yesterday were stopped out.

I will add a few shorts between 143.50 and 143.70 with tight stops , just not sure when this bullish wave 5 will end. May be after NFP tommorow.

Took a small short on EJ at 127.48. Please note this is scalping so will take profit anywhere between 20-40 pips. Same on GJ.

See chart the reason for small short on EJ.

Now that NFP is over I took short again on GJ and EJ. Yesterday’s Short were closed for 25-33 pips.

:slight_smile: Hi pash78,
I am a newbie here and hope that you dont mind may if i share your’s forex technics in this thread.

Sure no problem at all.

For my Shorts I will see the PA on sunday open and close it if it is still bullish.

Will stay on side and look for further setup. It can be a bull trap or it might reach 146. Looking for more confirmation next week…

Well I was student of the same college :), wish u all the best and never stop learning. Forex trading is like open source learn it and modify it to suit your style.

You really cant go a better route then Fibonacci, Elliot Wave and Trend Analysis.

Add to that Dow Theory and you have good basic building blocks to understand further study.

Well done.

My shorts from friday got stopped out. Will stay aside for a while, and enter on correct signal.

Shorted EJ at 127.65, SL is price open above the resistance line on 4H chart.
Target 1 is 126.98, will modify next targets as we proceed.

Shorting GJ now for 50 pips is good entry for Scalpers. 143.50 is small support. Use tight SL.

Target 1 reached for EJ, closed part lots, moved stop to BE, Target 2 around 126.30.

Target 2 reached took sm profit, target 3 around 125.50 SL moved to 126.98.

GJ closed part at 143.50, this one is tricky, I have stops now at BE, if the price opens below 142.90 on 4H chart I will add shorts and target 141.90. See my previous graphs for support and resistance.

Aus USD is good to short but will wait for interest rate data we might see a spike at that time.

Ok all 3 tragets reached on EJ, A good 200 pip trade. Still holding my shorts on GJ. Will re-add some lots around 143.20. See the chart, GJ has still scope to go down may be after FOMC meeting.

I have added shorts on GJ at 143.30, SL is now 143.75
Target 1 is around 142.20-142.35 area will update another targets as we move on.

AUD-USD is looking to break resistance we might see 9350 in asia session today.

With a boost from yesterday data we might see that level in this week. Keep tight SL.

Ok so yesterday we had a surprise upward movement in late asian session, I had my SL set at 143.75, but moved it to 144 later on. As the resistance was not broken so it was a false move (Please see my charts). Closed all shorts at 141.90 on support line a total 140 pips trade. Now will short again if price opens below that support line. As for AUD_USD closed that long with small loss as price is not moving strongly.