Elliott waves with fib

Okay I am so very new to all this, so please bear with me if this sounds dumb.
I have really taken a liking to Elliot waves, and have been reading The Elliott Wave Principle. I had a hard time picking up on Fibbonacci, so I was wondering if there was something else to help me understand fib (other than baypips…lesson3)
I so much appreciate it.

Goto elliotwaves.com take their class on on elliot waves. But only after you finish babypips. It would be info overload and only confuse you.

okay that confused me…lol I don’t see anything on elliottwaves.com

for a newbi, elliott and fibs would be a big overload. One of the main reasons why it is difficult is cos as the elliot studies involve identification of waves, the waves are very subjective. What might look like a wave to me may not look like a wave to you.

Only after u gain experience in the market, will u learn how to look at charts and be able to truly appreciate the use of waves. My advice would be to stick to studying charts, indicators etc. and then slowly move on to waves and fibs.

You can get more info abt fibs, S and R etc. at Trading JPY crosses.

Also i suggest that u get a mentor to teach you the intricacies of the market. If needed, you can contact me at kartram.77 at gmail dot com.


try going to youtube.com I have found some good help there.

I found a couple useful videos on youtube.com…thanx

Perhaps I should have explained myself a little better…lol
I have been studing for quite a while now, I just finally got my own pc to start my own demo account. I had a hard time grasping fibonacci…but I took to Elliott wave like nothing…so I’ve decided to study more on them. Along the way I have realized fib to be more important than I thought.
But thanx for your responses, I have found some usefull information.

I believe the link is elliottwave.com. I have not took the free course that is supposed to be there so i don’t know how good it is. Baby Pips is great however to keep things simple they do have to leave things brief.