Elmhurst: a philanthropic brokerage

Hi folks, I would like to introduce a project I’ve spent a year and a half to prepare. Elmhurst is a philanthropic brokerage designed to finance academic research by bringing parity to academic researchers through an investment community. We use BTC as a peg to USD and determine our prices using the items necessary to purchase research resources. If you short USD this is relevant.

It works like this:

Researchers initiate amounts required purchase an item for a study and we post that amount to the investor community.

The investor community sees this amount, and all other researchers’ initiated amounts, and determine a denomination to open a position in buy or sell - BTC is our buy denomination, USD is our sell.

Investors collect lots for each position, and we use the principal to fulfil the amount needed and collect our fee as markup.

Fulfilled amounts render on our live chart as activity and we annotate the items, their prices, the requester, and the vendor.

The investors’ lots make or lose value depending on the activity of the market.

Investors can then sell or buy their lots - the opposite of what they opened the position - and close their position at a profit or loss.

Investments at the chart level are double-blind and at the study level are single-blind and include disclaimer to avoid collusion and bias.

Our project is hosted locally, I’m happy to walk anyone through and take inquiries, registration, etc. Our first pilot study runs this summer.