EMA Band Method (opinions)

Jordan Here,

             I found this system which I think is kind cool. I tried to run it by a couple guys in a trading grouping no one was interested after I'd said "13 ema's" ..."ooo aaah too many indicators".

            Any way it seems really intriguing and I've actually started using it yesterday, I plan to use it from here on out, I want to know what you guys think or if any one has seen or heard of it before.

here is the link to the strategy Scalping system #6 (EMA Bands) | Forex strategies revealed

Thanks in advance


That looks like the rainbow system.

I have seen a number of people use it for scalping, I am not sure if it is called rainbow wherever I saw it, but one guy actually charges money to teach people how to use it…
I have never tried it myself… but on a fast chart could be the way to some quick money


I did a google… and that is the rainbow method, there is a lot of info available