EMA for equity trade

For equity trading for short term is the below strategy good

Buy when 20 ema is above 50 ema
Sell when 20 ema is below 50 ema

If not good what other strategy is best

If what I mentioned is good, what other indicator can be added to make it better

I use the 20EMA and 50EMA slope directions to help me identify if there is a trend and what is its direction. I don’t worry too much which is above which but that’s not a bad thing to look for - you would need more than EMA sequence or EMA slopes to find the best opportunities.

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Are you talking about actual equities for an investment portfolio or trading indices CFD’s such as DAX? And what do you mean by “short term”? Short term in equity trading could even mean weekly or monthly but trading CFD’s as a retail trader can be intraday or even scalping if the spreads are tight enough.

Personally, I think the 20/50 is a good choice, and one or other, or both, of these EMA’s feature in many traders’ strategies. But it is perhaps too slow for just intraday trading. However, it is a suitable basis for entry signals on longer term strategies.

But I would not recommend also relying on this pair for exiting existing trades. This would form an EMA crossover strategy and these alone do not work well, or at all, over time. The reason being that they take as long to turn and signal an exit as they do to provide an entry signal in the first place. So unless the trend is long, the exit will come at same point as entry or even beyond.

So I suggest that you seek a different exit strategy than just the 20/50 EMA. This is often the trickiest part of defining a trading strategy. But there are numerous alternatives for exits/reversals.

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I also think this approach is rather risky to use for selling. Equities tend to differ from forex pairs in that they tend to go higher whenever the longer term outlook for global growth is positive. Even during this year with the effects of COVID-19, the US-China trade struggles and the EU-UK trade talks, equities have retained a positive outlook.

I would suggest that as long as the longer term outlook is positive, you only trade from the long side. It is so easy to get caught in a bounce back if you are short. In a way, this doubles the impact on your account because not only do you lose on your short position but you also miss out on the profit if you had bought into the dip.

Try adding 8EMA
I trade DAX 5min and 2min with 8EMA 20 SMA and 50SMA

I also use the 8 EMA as my “front runner” :+1:

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8 EMA is uber cool :sunglasses: :+1:

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I do not wish to confuse with too many indicators but keltner breakout can be a good momentum indicator for trend(ie 20SMA sloping) trading. Stay with trend until it goes back into the keltner channel. Goes well with 8EMA too. I am not into range trading with keltner or anything else for that matter.

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By coincidence, I have just stumbled across some youtube vids by Steve BIgalow.
Loads of good stuff on 8EMA, he calls it the T line (trigger line).
Some of the videos are a bit long winded but he absolutely swears by 8EMA, definitely worth checking out. :+1:

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