Email subscriptions - with attachments

Is it possible to get the email subscriptions to display similar to the forum?
e.g. with the attachments inline?

most of the time people are referencing charts and it would be great to have them viewable in the daily email.

Have you tried “Subscribe to this thread…” under Thread tools?

Hello nitsuj,

Thanks for the question. Can you give me more details about your problem? Are you referring to our Daily Newsletter or do you want to subscribe to email notifications on a specific thread or even an entire forum (such as Newbie Island)? If it’s the latter, fxcashmonster’s suggestion would be your best bet.

We also offer RSS feeds for the main forums (such as Newbie Island) and sub forums (such as Trading Psychology under Newbie Island).

Let me know if you still need help with this.


I am subscribed to a few threads, and receive daily emails. But these are just text.
And most of the time people are referencing charts, but these images are not visible in the daily emails - they are text only.

So I suppose the question is, can the email subscriptions be configured to contain the attached charts/images. As without them, quite often the comments make little sense.