Emotional management

Have you ever heard of Stoic philosophy and its’s focus on managing emotions? I am reading a book about it and it’s pretty interesting. What’s your idea?

Hmm, I would appreciate it if you explain more about it and name the book please.

Brilliant! I’m 25yrs now; i became a Stoic when i was 15 and it’s been a great addition to my life. That’s 10yrs of my Stoicism journey.
If you dont mind what book are you reading at the moment?

Zeno Citium did a great job!

Can you tell me more about it? and book to read?
Thank you

Wow! I truly love this philosophy and how it can give a strength.
I’m reading this: https://www.amazon.de/-/en/Donald-Robertson/dp/1250196620

That’s the one which is based on Marcus Aurelius life, right?

Exactly. Have you read it?

I have no idea about it. Can you please share some of the ideas mentioned in this book?

Hmm. :thinking: I’m familiar with the adjective “stoic,” like if someone doesn’t really show much emotions on their face. But I don’t know much about the school of thought. :sweat_smile: What’s the most interesting about it for you?

I read the practicing stoic and it’s a pretty good book too! I unfortunately read the audible version so I wasn’t able to take notes. I need to get the actual book!

The concepts are very logical and practical but as an emotional person, can be hard to actually put in practice. You need to keep reading the stuff so it’s always top of mind.

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Well, it starts with a biography of Marcus Aurelius, but it’s not like a historical book; as it explains about his life, he also talks about stoic principles and their roots. It explains the basic concepts of stoic philosophy.

What I like about this school is that they promote wisdom, and emotional management.

Not actually. Once I was curious to know more about different schools of philosophy and then I encountered Stoicism. and as you may know Marcus Aurelius is a pioneer in this school. I just heard about it

Hmm, I will take a look at it… I guess…

Good luck! It’s very helpful not just in trading but in real life!

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Stoicism philosophy is all about putting your emotions in check and having to let go of what’s not in your control and accept that which is in your control.

Well for a start, i’ll suggests you read any of the book “The Little Book on Stoicism” or “The Daily Stoic”

Sure. I’ve never read that book but i have read all the meditations of Marcus Aurelius.
You can as well go on to read Zeno’s Politiea, writings of Epictetus, & Seneca

Interesting. I assume that is the core idea and if it is I already liked it.
Thanks for the suggestion.

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Two more important names in stoicism. I was thinking of going with Seneca. How are his books and ideas?

Yeah, useful in many ways.