End of day Trading


I wanna open a new journal where i can place my end of day trades.
The main reason why i trade set and forget at the end of the day is because i have a job during the day.
I will describe my system and the way i trade later.

Ok parameters i use and will update later more.

  • I split my trading through 3 orders or 2 depends on the risk reward factor. At the end of day i place the orders each order has a risk of 0.03% of the initial account balance. But the sl sizes varies so does the reward.
    I will explain all this later how i do this and what the reasons are why i place those orders there. this are mostly limit orders sometimes stop orders.

  • Everday after the candle closes my method gives me points to enter and directionial filter. Which direction best to enter now this is mechinical but i use some discretionairy aswell in it. I try to read after end of day first the main headlines and bullit point what is important happenend during the day or anouncemetns or economic data the next day this i take in to account aswell.

What i trade varies i try to trade mostly the mayors but it depends. I also trade sometimes equities Cfd then or gold oil natgas or other commodities.

My trades sometimes get a set tp or i let them run this varies aswell.

Ok this gonna be my first setups.

  • [B]Eurusd[/B] gonna enter 3 orders of 0.03% risk Both are buy limits targeting last month high.
    Reasons why i enter is based on the method gives me dailly and weekly buy mode looking for longs monthly still in sell.
    Normally it is better to enter in direction of all timeframes. Reason why i look for a buy this week is because draghi did not deliver last week what the market was expecting and positions where at extreme euro shorts. This together i come to the conclussion whe might see a bit more of a squeeze up in the eurusd.

Orders @ 1.0791, 1.0700, 1,0756 All orders have a risk of 0,03 % sl all located @ 1.0643

I will add screenshots later