End Of The Road For Bulls As PEPE Nosedives 5%?

It’s been on a wild ride lately with this cryptocurrency based on that famous internet frog meme. Its value shooting up like crazy over the past year. But recently, it hit a little bump, dropping by 5% in just 24 hours.

They’re saying Pepe Coin could reach even higher prices if it breaks through some barriers. But if the dip continues, it could slide down a bit.

So, with all this excitement and uncertainty surrounding Pepe Coin, what’s your take on its future? Are you considering investing in it or sticking with more established cryptocurrencies?

It’s up over 700% this month. Waste of an article.

This is a one week comparison of PEPE vs BTC. As far as I can see PEPE has been tracking BTC pretty closely (within 10%). To answer your question, PEPE is one of 20 or so meme coins that I am actively tracking. I did not buy any PEPE but I have some DOGE and 10 others that few will have heard of due to their very low market cap. If you are looking for wild, try XTP. I am in this for the third time in 3 years.