Entering a trade

What’s the best way of finding out an entry point in a new trade?

Based on a plan of course.
A trading plan gives you a map/the directions.
No plan/map = directionless

hi redzone…nice to meet u…

thats a simple question…but there are so many simple answers tooo…

every individual have their own thoughts on where to enter and when to enter…

every system or method is having certain rule to be satisfied for an entry…

so that is depends on you and every individual…and varies from one to one and system to system and method to method…

so find out what is ur method or plan…then fallow that…that’s it.

I’m actually doing a free webinar on this exact point which is to develop a trade plan.

It will cover the main following points:

Curve fitting trade plan theory
How to record results when testing a trade plan
How to identify profitable edges
How to develop these new found edges
The overall trade plan approach and the relevant testing stages required

It’s scheduled for the 18th December at 18:00GMT (London Time).

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