EOD bars

I trade forex using EOD data but I need to find a broker whose data and charts change ‘days’ at a more convenient time for me - ie, between 8am and 10pm GMT. My current broker changes data at midnight GMT which is too late for me. I make all my decisions based on the most recently finished daily bar and put a stop entry order in then. It’s difficult to do this with any accuracy before the bar ‘closes’.

Does anyone know of any brokers/data suppliers who end and begin their daily data bars sometime between 8am and 10pm GMT?



You may have to find a platform where you can customize the end of day setting. The fact is that nearly all data feeds use a standard time for the close. That’s usually 5pm New York time. As you’ve noted, some do use midnight GMT. Either way, that represents the end of the 24-hour global trading day and the transition in the the new one with the start of the Asian morning.

Thanks, John. Do you know of any such platform? I have tried using the ‘x’ minutes facility on mine by chosing 1440 minutes (24 x 60) to represent a day; but it doesn’t work entirely.

I do not personally. Maybe someone else on the boards has and will let us know. :slight_smile:

Good luck on that one guys! :slight_smile: