ERPs Trading Journal (GBPJPY, XAUUSD, US30)

Will start recording my trades to give myself more accountability… took these two trades today on GBPJPY one was during the Asian Session open and the other was during the London session open. both trades were based on the open range breakout on the 1 min timeframe… will be looking for an entry for Gold around 8:20 AM EST

GJ London Session

XAUUSD Open Range Breakout

Entered on the Breakout once price broke the 1min range of the london open on GBPJPY, TP Secured, and now we wait for Gold in the morning

Took the first loss of the journal but thats what comes with trading. And i also missed Gold in the morning. Will be more strict with time management. Had a chance to get out trade but in small profit after price retraced. Will take the loss and focus on the opening of London…

Care to share any details about your strategy? ty!

took two trades on GBPJPY , first was a loss the second was win… but due to commission ending balance is down. staying level headed for NY session

so all i do is wait for london/asian/comex open and on the 1m timeframe once price breaks that range i enter a position , If it breaks the 1minute high i go long , and if it breaks the low i go short. My TP is 1.2 atr and SL is 12 atr but i usually close when price breaks the low of the first minute of the session open. My exits are dynamic as i try to close depending on the floating equity loss

Took a short on GBPJPY , TP Smash

Gold Breakout to the upside
Gold NY session 2

GBPJPY Breakout to the long side on london open