Error 146 ("Trade context busy") is due to Broker Server Side or MT4 Client Side?


I am using an EA attached to 4 currency pairs in one MT4 client. I frequently encounter an error “Trade context busy.” My question is, is this error due to my computer hardware resource issue (RAM/CPU), Metatrader 4 application-related issue, or Forex broker server-side issue?

If this is a Metatrader 4 client-side issue, and I open 4 MT4 applications on my computer and run 1 pair in each for the same trading account, will this issue be fixed?

Thank you.

This article should help:
Error 146 (“Trade context busy”) and How to Deal with It - MQL4 Articles (

this error means that your EA send too many transactions and terminal can’t handle with it, than the terminal starts setup all transactions in line and execute it one by one