has anyone here used esignal? just looking for feedback. I am still exploring different platforms to see which one i like best…

I never heard of esignal so I would like to know what this is too…thanks for postinG a question that will also help me:)

I’ve tried esignal in the past, I found it difficult to use, but that was just me. I also only wanted end of day forex data, esignal does not offer that so it was very expensive to pay for real time data that I didn’t want or use.

I decided to go with Metastock instead, I prefer their software. They also have an End of day version costing $59.00 a month. I am still learning the software/programming, but it is excellent for back testing and technical analysis.

I would look into both and try them out to see which you prefer the most. For real time data including forex, esignal is a little cheaper however the quality and amount of data available is better with Metastock/quotecenter.