ESP Fx Swing Trading System With Complete Financial Plan Part 3

Hello again traders—captgrumpy here-- This was supposed to be part 3 of the overall plan,but since there
were’ 0’ comments I assume no one was interested in the plan --too easy and simple to be any good?
Well anyway for this post I am just giving a summary of a short work up of GBP-JPL 1 day charts starting
balance $5000–Initial investment of 10000 units(1 BTU)-Margin for 1 BTU approx 390–pip value.97,
leverage 40:1
Selecting trade points as per my plan and using my financial plan (back testing) here is a summary of the
results.If any of you traders find these results of interest let me know and I’ll post the entire financial plan.
for all to have a look at…
Currency pair --GBP-JPY period 26 Apr-- Jul 28 2016 (3 Months)
no. of trades-----------------8----0 losses
Starting account balance----$5000
Balance end of 8 trds----------$28741
Gain ------------------------+ $23741
Total PipS gain-----------------5702
FIRST trade --------------------10000 units (1BTU)
Eighth trade ---------------------9 BTU’s (90000 units)
Next trade (#9) would be ------10 BTU’s (100000 units)

Total Pips Gain fore 8 trds -----------------5702

Could you explain a bit more about how you trade, where and why you enter and exit? That would help getting a better idea of your concept.

hello o99016mh–thaks for your interest-the whole plan in somewhere in this forum with the same title as
this on part 2.Briefly the plan is based on spotting the actual time a chart reverses direction,or as soon
after as possible after it happens.The chart is set up in a special way to help me spot potential trade points
(PTP’s)Trade is opened when a PTP is spotted at the beginning of a run–(Entry Point)–chart lines are followed until the next PTP when trade is closed (Exit Point)–now, with plan, since the chart has ALREADY reversed direction a new trade is opened in the new chart direction–this process is repeated—please find part 2 for complete details–also check out part 1 where I explain how I came up with this plan–Only one
currency pair is traded a sit moves across the screen–plan set up for the 1 day chart,but can be used for
charts from 6hr to 1 weekIf you,…can’t find those posts or want further info,please ask.As you will see if you find parts 1 and 2 I also have a fairly complete financial plan I will share if anyone is interested…
Tksnks again–captgrumpy