ETH Buying Area's

Good morning all hope you had a good trading week. Having a look at Ethereum today. I HODL some ETH in my wallet portfolio and its made some nice gains recently. But I always like to trade crypto too so for some spending money every week. In these bull markets its fairly easy to make money with finding a good buy area. With that being said where can we get in on the next buy? I have marked out two area’s where we could get in on the bull run we are experiencing. Keep a close eye on this one . GLIYF


nice would be great to see it drop back to your lower level i would definatly look to buy from there. not sure the first trade is a big enough retracement for me but will keep watching for sure.

Prefer the lower level for more buys personally. Can even see it coming down to the $1700 level which will also be about where the EMA will meet it.

Interesting, great to see the all time high. I really like the secon area marked as it will clear some liquidity and will allow for a push even higher

I’ve been holding on to some eth for about a year and a half now feels good to see it do well. I’m getting quite tempted now to sell it.

Can see a lot of pushback at 2200 for Eth. Lots will want to trade the new ath range down to 1700 for a while

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Glad I filled a bag last week! Got my TP at $2500

I’m curious at what price did you bought it.