ETH discussion - just hit $4800 All Time High

So when do we hit $5K? Place your bets.

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  • Today
  • Today
  • Tomorrow
  • End of the week
  • Next Week
  • By End of the Month

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We’re about 4.5% away.

IT’S ALTCOIN SZN!!! To the moon!

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I think we can not predict about crypto market exactly we think but it may go $5k soon.

I voted for end of the month just so that I don’t get my hopes too high. :sweat_smile: Haha. :smiley: Exciting! :stuck_out_tongue:

With the daily ATR (14) at $335, it could be today but statistically it is likely to be “within the next week”. Anyway, who cares? I realigned our portfolio in favour of BTC and ETH on 6Nov21, based on Youtube fundamental analysis (Raoul Pal, Bitboy Crypto, other favourites), taking advantage of a short term boost in value of CRO and XRP. So far, no complaints about that trading decision - the first serious trading move I have made in nearly six months, impacting over 25% of our portfolio.

I mean look at that chart. It’s beautiful.

I think that’s a great move. Keeps things a bit simpler in my view. Plus the short term outlook is favorable given historical performance during this time of the year.

Are you taking profit before the 2022?

No thank you ma’am. Holding on for dear life.

Still holding?

good news, it will soon cross $5000.

Interesting! :smiley: Could you share the link to the article for this? :blush:

I have let go my ETH. And bought it back.

I have bumped this 2 years and 3 months old post. Anyone who remembers Jan 2022 should be thinking about at least partial withdrawal from these most recent peaks.

Six month after this post, ETH bottomed at $1,000, a 79% decline. Sell greed, buy fear.