ETH vs BNB, which is better? Do you think BNB will flip ETH?

I’ve been reading a lot of FUD on ETH, mostly because of the high gas fees. I’ve also been reading that BNB might flip ETH in the future because they’re doing the same thing but BSC is doing it cheaper. ETH maxis argue that BSC is centralized and is a complete clone of the ethereum chain. I agree but also just a little bit worried since my main coin is ETH and this is what I mine. I’m also positioned in BNB but only got in by chance. I bought some in 2017 since I also trade in Binance. What do you think?

BNB is not decentralised, with most nodes being owned and run by binance.

To that end I don’t think they really compare.

Short term it may catch a little, but with Layer 2 solutions coming during march, gas fee’s should reduce massively and Eth should get back on it’s journey.

I’d say ADA is more likely to be the one to flip Eth, and hold equal amounts of both now (Only because ADA caught up with Eth in my portfolio, it wasn’t a deliberate thing).

Though there are so many cryptocurrencies in the market, I personally haven’t tried investing in any of them other than bitcoin. I kind of trust bitcoin and I am not sure whether I will be able to invest in any other cryptocurrency like it ever.

Whats about bnb. Will bnb increae in future

BNB now at $400+.