Ethereum price finally beats its 2018 all-time high, surpassing $1,428

A three-year hodl for Ether investors finally comes good as the largest altcoin surges into unknown territory on Tuesday.

Crazy. I hope it’s Litecoin’s turn soon :sweat_smile:

Yes litecoin next. Then all our alt bags. :sweat_smile:

Litecoin, hoping to replace ETH as Gold’s “Silver”.

Cool correlations map here if you’re interested. Gives you an idea how alts react to BTC movement.

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Now at $1650, $2K next?

Cool to see this really happen. I hope all the alt coins move up when BTC moves another leg up.

Could be a catalyst for more interest in ETH.

Coinbase, top exchange in the US. 7.5% interested earned in staked ETH, minus a commission. Not too shabby at all if you’re hodling. Trading staked ETH is down the line, which will be super interesting.

I don’t know how it will work in Coinbase but I’ve been reading that staked ETH will be locked in for 2+ years.

Interesting. Sounds like a traditional CD at a bank. 2 years will be a turnoff for many.

Here’s the link regarding ethereum staking in case anyone’s interested.

Hopefully coinbase offers something better for ETH staking. I’m also looking at staking info in Binance even for other coins. I’ve been reading that returns are good.

Hopefully you all were holding and not panic selling or trading long on margin. But this is never nice to see when you pull up your charts and portfolio.

I think this depends on the staking service and on Ethereum network. For instance, here’s what Kraken exchange says about unstaking:

Howevery, some 3rd party staking pool operators are advertising no periods at all:

What a difference 5 months has made!

Now, Ethereum is in the dumpster, along with Bitcoin.

At present, the two are displaying remarkably similar price-action –

Chart 1

Chart 2