Etoro are not only a scam they are simply criminal

Are you sure…! They like there little Clubs don’t they but then they need a bigger club to supervise the first club then Maybe need a even bigger club to see over the supervising club.
Oh and maybe 1 more club just to take the P*ss

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Sorry Tom…cannot resist …“Don’t bite the hand that feeds you…”

Thanks guys for the hilarious discussion, i’m going to stay low and try to avoid any potential pig fights for now. I will look into this, i need to do some more research and organise my case.
Seems more like a few thousand active day traders on the site. I’m not sure how many people use it to invest long term.
Overall i have only lost around $1000 due to the other issues where i could not close trades.
I’m going to give them a chance to work things out. I need to get talking with someone from the customer service agents.
They have been impossible to converse with. I occasionally get an email that provides some information that is not always relative to the complaint. Or it answers the complaint or question in a round about way.
As of yesterday i have had someone from customer service contact me in a more direct manner it seems. I need to provide them with more information now, so i’ll try to put a small file together tonight or tomorrow.
I’ll fill you in once i get a reply. Or i wont if you guys have had enough of this rant already!

Good post.

But remember, if you’re trading the way that a lot of other people trade, most of them will be losers. Worse, you won’t be learning how not to be a loser.

Andy. There are plenty of people in the world who have amazing grammar yet their lives make no sense whatsoever. To live immersed in hypocrisy is pretty dumb if you ask me.
I’m sure there are plenty of people who excel in the english language yet they might ignore their health for example. That would be pretty dumb too wouldn’t it?
There are a million ways of being stupid and spelling is not necessarily one of them on the grand scale of things. Some people like myself do struggle a little with spelling. I am 43 and there are many simple words i spell incorrectly over and over again on a weekly basis.
Personally I have always struggled with spelling so i don’t take it out on others when i see spelling mistakes. Sometimes the person you are disappointed with might not be a native english speaker. They might already be putting a good deal of effort into what is simply a quick reply.
Not to mention the fact that we spend way too much time writing crap like this so it wouldn’t surprise me if people make a few slips whilst speedily typing a quick reply.
The main thing is to get the point across. Too much attention to detail is considered a flaw by many.
But thanks for the input just the same. I believe that in a court of law you would indeed be at an advantage.

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Mate, this is not all completely correct

let me explain a few things to you.

this is not true.
so… if i’m in cabramatta (Sydney) and some asian old lady in a bread shop says

“You…want… pay… i … give… you”

the message got across , didn’t it ?
but she still sounds retarded

then you have things like (on you tube) people saying things like
Megadeath is my favourite band… DUUUHH
Def Leopard is my favourite band
I’ve seen Jon Bovi tattooed into a guys skin

Seriously …
These are not spelling mistakes
if you LOVE a band and have their posters on your walls and you sing their songs while your a teenager.
spelling the name of the band incorrectly (Back in the 80’s) go you a bashing.
its not excusable

and the whole asian thing (Which doesn’t just relate to asian’s by the way) is also not excusable

we can excuse it if they are new to the country of the langauge
but… it’s been 30+ years and they still speak the same level of english since they got here
you know why ?
because they don’t BOTHER TO LEARN or get better

for that, they deserve to be called out

Now… a Typo is a typo… that’s fine (i do typo’s all the time because i type fast)
that’s not the issue.

also re this

actually… yes it is
and the more and more people that let this slip will contribute to further generations being stupid.
simple as that.
and it will be stupidity on a GRAND SCALE

mate, if you’re working on it , that’s great
if it’s a typo, that’s fine
if you’re ignoring it… it’s not

Thank you for that little chuckle :sunglasses:


Ok great thanks for the insight.
I think we are all aware of these points.
Nothing new here.
All i meant by “too much attention to detail” Is that we consider many people to be OCD and this can be considered a flaw.
But it’s all a matter of opinion,
Thank you for sharing yours by the way.
Please remember that some of the people you are criticising might speak many languages albeit not perfectly.
I know this might not be the average person but you never know when you might start to attack one of these people who might be able to get by in 10 different languages.
I don’t know how many languages you are fluent in so i won’t even think about judging you less you roast me to hell and back.
It is all a point of view. If someone excels in one or two languages, they might be considered highly skilled or extremely academic by someone like yourself but if they can’t get by in the rest of the world they might sometimes find themselves at a disadvantage over someone who can get by in six or more languages. Sometimes it is better to spread your skills rather than put all of your energy into one area.
Consider the scientists who can never find the breakthroughs they want to because their field of speciality is too narrow and then comes along a regular citizen who has a broad interest in science, suddenly he has a breakthrough because his mind is more open and his knowledge although less detailed in some ares is in general broader and he can think outside of the box. These moments might be rare but without such people we would not always make innovative discoveries.
Interesting debate. Thanks.

mate, i don’t attack anyone

i’m not going to roast you mate, relax
and it’s 3 languages and ok in another 2

No… i don’t necessarily agree with that
and … outside of I.T and electronics i don’t think i’m highly skilled. for the record.

but i don’t think langauge has a lot to do with the skills that i do have.

as for the rest of what you said
mate, i get it … ok

try to understand i’m not attacking you
and yes… Interesting debate :stuck_out_tongue:

well said. here its only 4 languages and english is the one i learned as number 4. anyways, not really important atm.

what i do thou find is important is the fact that average joes are using spelling/grammar as a valid reason to dismiss a statement/idea. collaborating only with their own kind is an interesting concept. it dismisses any outside views which might or might not be helpful. it creates a sociomental homogeneity which leads to “hoard style” thinking patterns which tend to copy other peoples behaviours. mental homogeneity is something awesome for any outsider watching it. it can be taken advantage of in so many easy ways. especially the english speaking countries paired with a simple democracy where the hoard majority wins are and determines the direction and fate of a country are great examples of the downsides of such behaviour.

cough trump cough
cough brexit cough
cough xenophobia cough
cough changing country flags for no intelligent reason cough

im glad not all hope is lost as members like @izzzzzz6 and @eddieb (and others i forgot about) are demonstrating day in and day out.

on the other side i am glad this is happening to english speaking countries. opens good opportunities in other countries which know how to take advantage of this major flaw cough russia cough china cough

edit: and its funny to watch

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" Great Innovation will always come from outside your Industry…"
It’s not about continuing on the same curve…It’s about jumping to the next curve…

"If I asked my customers what they wanted…they would have said a faster horse…"
Henry Ford.

Apple were a Computer company and revolutionized the Telecommunications business…

Where were Blackberry… Nokia…

Elon Musk was a co developer of PayPal and now has Tesla revolutionizing the auto industry…

Where were Mercedes, Fiat, Ford… 10 years ago

It’s the old, old adage… “Because, that’s the way we’ve always done it”… It’s an industry killer…

And I bet it’s the same in the Financial Markets…especially Forex…

Back on Topic… I read somewhere last year? That Etoro had a connection to IC Markets (Aust.)…
I use IC Markets and have so without issue for 18 months…maybe someone else knows more…

Found the Article…

I had tons of issues with etoro but

this one isn’t one of them. Care to explain what really happened here? Screenshot of running position combined with your account statement is 100% proof they actually scam you. My guess: you don’t have that proof…

Someone asked you where you are from. I guess Belgium or Netherlands, is that correct? You will probably have a SYSEC account. FCA accounts is only given to non UK customers on request for obvious reasons. SYSEC is joke. Etoro is also a joke btw but all insane swaps and spreads can be seen upfront so before funding the account.

Trying to reach support is of no use at all. They copy paste random stuff that has some relation with your question only. That is done by employees with no trading (in some case also any other) knowledge at all.

This very afternoon their website was down. We’re Experiencing Technical Difficulties’ it says. Yep all words starting with a capital, I have no clue in wich languages this is common. It does tell me some idiot is in charge. Even when I would have a very small company I would not accept stuff like this.

They also provide a button with ‘Offline Tool’, yep caps again. When you click it you go to a non working website again, quite hilarious.

Is this you on youtube vid commenting?

_I started using eToro last night and i’m up nearly $25 from an investment of $700 _
I made by far the most money by making my own decisions. I also made money by following people but no where near as much. But still I made more money overnight than i would have made in interest with my bank in a year, probably in 4 years i wouldn’t have made that much interest on $700 _
_ I made the most money in litecoin and bitcoin. I am predicting them to go through the roof as they go viral. Everyone is buying bitcoin and other cryptos.

You don’t know anything about this member. If you read these forums you will see he is multilingual and English isn’t his first language.
Don’t judge others by your own (low) standards

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I don’t want to wind anyone up or start any arguments here.
I can see your a cool guy. I didn’t want to insinuate that you were actually attacking someone. I just thought to bring it to your attention that some things might have sounded a little harsh per say.
I’m certainly far from perfect so defiantly not really a criticism just a point to debate over, if you like.
Hope i didn’t offend you in any way.
How has your week been? Personally i had a terrible week but i think things are looking better now.
Well i guess that is the positive approach. Gotta stay positive :smiley:
Wow i have just seem a bunch of comments in the background whilst replying to this conversation, including one that appears to be a positive review of eToro that i made. Funny how things can change so fast. Right time to check these other comments out.
Have a great week.

Wow, guys i have seen some great conversation here.

I am from the UK but i live in France now.

Sorry i have just seen these comments, i think either i am not set to receive email notifications or perhaps they are going in to my spam folder?

Regarding the trade that changed into another trade.

At the time i was not really thinking about gathering evidence. I am still to go through all of my screen shots carefully. I wish i had videoed everything.

I am also guilty of “overtrading” and with my portfolio full of trades from people i had tried to copy it becomes a long process to find all of the relevant trades and then to match up screen shots with my complaints.
I am certain i have no screen shot showing the aforementioned trade in my portfolio.
I can remember though, that it was a crypto that soared shortly after it vanished from it’s position in my PF. Then i noticed i had more trades open in another crypto asset than i had originally opened in that particular crypto asset.
I think there was an excuse from eToro in the end that not all orders could have liquidity found for them. Yes. They actually got back to me. But that doesn’t explain the additional trade that appeared in the other class but how can i prove that.
The thing is, the trade was showing as active in my PF.
I know the time of the complaint and i started to look for my screen shots the other day but i got tired of searching screen shots while the stock market was wiping out a good deal of my balance. I really don’t think i have any evidence but need to look again to be sure. I have been so tired lately since getting into trading, if i’m not trading i’m researching theory or checking the news and markets.
At the time i had made way too many crypto trades, i really didn’t have a clue what i was doing back then.
However i do have other evidence, well it is evidence as i see it but how can you use something as evidence when they write a disclaimer that states that the website might see problems through 2018.
Guys, is it really acceptable that any website bugs on a regular basis these days? Let alone one that should be as secure as a bank, one that boasts 5 million users and years of experience? Really?
Well, what can i say? I have the shots that shows scrambled charts with missing chunks and screen shots of other users comments complaining about the same thing.
I have the shots of the ghosting candles.
Shots of the P&L slipping in the wrong direction.
Many many shots of error pages and technical difficulty pages when i was getting no response from the site. The other day it actually continued to work on my mobile but wouldn’t work on the laptop despite trying everything (the usual clean out and restart BS). For several hours i was left with only mobile device connectivity even though my laptop was working fine with all other websites.
Another thing i noticed was that i have been closing 100X scalp trades well into the green but they still show as a loss in my history. I needed to clear by around $12 roughly, in order to see any profit at all. I think i’m over scalping, i am not that great at it anyway.
I have a few conspiracy theories on the whole copy trader thing but that is a debate in itself that could go on for a long while!

I do not go around complaining about websites. Why would I when all other websites i use seem to work flawlessly. All i know is that this one has wound me up something chronic. It is not just because i have lost money, i am not saying that i wouldn’t have lost money but i see now how important it is to remain focused, stay clear headed and to be patient.

My experiences with eToro left me angry, what ensued was panic and disappointment. I would say that these bad experiences were reflected in my trades (not a good thing). It defiantly was not helping things when i was feeling anger, frustration and disappointment with their website.

I have also found much older testimonials online which mention some of the above points. Even on their old platform. I believe the main list of my bad experiences was listed in my original rant. But i’m not going to go over everything agin. This is already becoming long and i am tired right now.
Sorry for any bad punctuation and or spelling mistkes. I’m sure there are a few in here :wink:

How embarrassing!
I believe this is when i was excited about joining the site and they were offering $25 for anyone i could sign up (up to 10 people). Sounded like a good idea at the time because i thought they were great, i almost talked my girlfriend into putting the extra money we have to start building a house with into their advertised investment copy funds program. I think they had asked for a testimonial. To be honest i can’t remember now why i left the above comment but i think the $25 sign up link had something to do with it.
Another thing i have realised is that there are so many eToro videos on youtube that it is difficult to find the ones that show opinions from the other side. Youtube seems to be flooded with their videos, so either a great marketing strategy or a good way to cover up any videos which criticise the platform.
Thats just a theory, take it as you like.

Great reply. I really felt like my discussion missed the real world examples but i was too lazy to spend much more time on it. I think i got the idea across. You came up with some interesting examples there.
I would love to find a broker i can trust, both to stay in business and give good rates and a decent service.
Since discovering the financial world is flooded with sharks it can become difficult to know who to trust. I guess i will find the answer through friends of friends. I have some friends who have been trading 25+ years in London and some of then have gone independent now. I know i can trust them so this is where i feel my next step in the search for a broker will be.
I am still active with eToro for now. They actually blocked me from commenting now since i was ranting again and sticking up for some other members. I might have shown quite a lot of disappointment with Annie Toro who is someone that people turn to for answers. The answers are often fairly useless and usually she just provides links to pages from the site map or she often simply tells people to open a customer complaint ticket.
I am certain there are many other staff members posing as clients or perhaps they also have their own portfolios. There are certainly some very loyal followers on there! Opinions can become very strong from their side! It got me thinking that these people were operating on behalf of eToro. There certainly seems to be people flagging a great deal of the posts that complain about the site. Anyone can flag a post as spam though.
I also wondered if there were people who never experience the same problems i do? Perhaps Gold or Platinum members? Perhaps it happens after you exceed a certain amount of trades or when you day trade at certain position sizes or only when using higher levels of leverage. High volume or volatility always seems to have something to do with it.
I can’t really say, all i know is that i have never had such a bad experience with a service or website and that i also have a decent amount of screen shots showing other people complaining about these issues.
I don’t believe an investor would have many issues with the site as they are not spending a great deal of time day trading opening and closing trades manually all of the time. A long term investor would open the trade or an order and just HODL.
I should have stuck with this strategy myself. I am extremely guilty of overtrading and i know i have made eToro a large amount of money. Even when i was loosing money.
Sometimes i wonder if they trade off of the back of our trades doing the opposite of the customer but with better stop losses, knowing that most new traders will make the wrong decisions.
I was a bit suspicious that the broker could manipulate the market sometimes in order to hunt your stops as they would know where they are. IF(?) your trades are not actually placed in the market there is nothing to stop a whale from manipulating the real market to hunt your stops if it was a profitable move to them.
I really don’t know if brokers do this but i suppose anything is possible.
I don’t usually use tight stops but the other day i had been shorting platinum and things were quiet.
I decided to buy where i thought there would be quite a bit of support. Turned out i was bang on but then i saw the first fairly deep wick in a long while. It was an instant knockout for my new position and i refrained from opening it again (my bad). The thing is, i usually expect such things to happen so i’m not mad but i have never seen a wick form so quickly. I doubt i could have dodged a slower forming wick at that point in time anyway.
I know i don’t have a great deal of experience but usually you see candle movement before a wick appears. I was in the 1 Min view for accuracy and the wick just appeared with no candle stretching at all, i was looking right at it. I’m not blaming this on eToro but they have got me a little paranoid after my other experiences.
I know this is the whole thing with stop hunting and i half expected it, just not at light speed, that was a first, i have seen candles pump but this one was an instantaneous wick!
Just too tight an SL i guess.
So some of the above points are not really things i can complain about, more just an observation and an open discussion on market manipulation.

I hope some of the babypips members were doing well out there last week. I was not prepared personally and made the stupid decision to try to HODL some buy positions in some indices not realising how deep they would go.
It’s that easy to mess up guys! Certainly a lesson that will teach anyone to either actually buy the shares rather than trade them or to get out fast when things go the wrong way.
Stick to the plan!
Hoping to make some of my balance back in the week with my measly leftovers !
Wondering how deep this can go and how much sideways movement we will see.

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that’s fine mate, there are no arguments here between me and you , say what you want … all good.

thank you, Fair enough, consider it brought to my attention.
let’s chalk it up to a misunderstanding, since Misunderstandings happen very commonly in the world.
i will also consider your point in the future
it’s ok mate… i’m not offended, don’t worry.
and i don’t attack people , whether it seems that way or not.

Not even close. :stuck_out_tongue:

what do you mean… Personally or Trading.
if Trading, it’s Been ok, i got taken of guard initially by that stock market crash and it affected my US2000, i took around an 80 pips loss, but it’s ok, since then i have recovered, so… no biggie, it happens

Personal life, the wife is having health issues so it’s been a bit of tough week having to look after her, but it’ll be ok
so all in all, i’m ok

yes you do mate
hey… have yo contacted that lawyer yet ? that i told you do .

be cool

I’m overdrawn in my bank. My only option is to go to the FCA myself. I really don’t know what chance i have of getting anywhere. I have no motivation right now. I feel so burned out right now.