I am new to forex and I landed first on etoro.

I need your advise, Should I use etoro or not?

I have been using the virtual account and it looks good but I heard some problems regarding money withdraw.

Don’t use eToro. Plenty of scammers on there. They have incredible returns because they never close out their losing trades. Never use a social trading platform in my opinion.

2nd that. Stay well away. Much better to take the time learning how to trade for yourself

@ eddieb :
Yes I intend to learn and I have been already but I find etoro easy to use. I am NOT going to use the “Copy” Strategy they are promoting. I need a feed back about etoro itself not the strategy. Like will it be easy to withdraw, does the site crash, ARE THEY HONEST because some say they scheme

@ UKForex
thanks for answering back but the same point, I don’t care what other traders do.