ETX Capital #FUMovesRus!

You don’t know what the fk you are talking about m8.

You really don’t know what the fk you are talking about. Go and try trading Volume Profile trade setups on a 4hr or daily chart? You can’t do it. By the time your reversal structure has confirmed price is already back to the mean. You have to hit the 5 minute, or in extreme cases, maybe even the 1 minute.

The guy who taught me how to trade (Brian Beamish…look him up) was a prop trader for 20 odd years who would only ever Day Trade with his prop trading firm and as a rule, all trades had to be closed 1 minute before the end of the day, 1 minute before any news event, etc.

Brian Beamish btw, turned $500 into ~$1 million trading crypto. He made his account and all his trades public knowledge (to the members of his site). I watched him slowly grow his account from one $450 BTC purchase, into around $5K worth by the time I got my BTC accounts plundered and turned my back on it all for good (or so I thought). I kept an eye on his YouTube videos and his tweets however and watched his portfolio explode in value during the crypto mania of 2017…his $500 into $500K tweet wasn’t bs…and he put that out when BTC was only around $7K…the utterly parabolic crypto ramps were still to kick in.

…anyhow, this guy traded LTF charts professionally for years…if you think that is for losers, then what are your credentials?

bookmark this page in your browser (strg + alt + d - i know u got a german keyboard so this will work) and set a timer date on exactly 3 years from 14.06.2022. then come back here and reread your post.

P.S. Thanks for the link to ForexPeaceArmy…

Seems ETX Capital are one to avoid for sure. Here is there trustpilot score:

3/5, which doens’t seem so bad, until you look at the reviews list and you see half the reviews have been deleted by ETX Capital for ‘Spam’ reasons…lol…assholes.

Really don’t understand what you’re saying.

My ETX live account is identical to the one you posted and what began this furore.

The two additional charts that I posted were:

  • Oanda Live Account (MT4)

  • Deltastock Live Account (Delta Trading i.e. proprietary trading platform).

So if you were trading at Oanda or Deltastock the exact same thing would have happened.

And that’s THREE different brokers and THREE different trading platforms and THREE different data feeds on THREE different LIVE accounts.

So like I said: no idea what your point is (the point you’re trying to make to me anyway).

How and why you are seeing different things on different charts at other brokers or charting platforms: I actually have absolutely no idea.

Here. You want more:

Ok…so if all was legit, explain why Deltastock felt the need to wipe out anyone who misread the markets enough to go short on that obvious range retrace, whilst ETX and Oanda according to your charts, only wiped out the ‘weak’ long stop losses?

They are cfds tracking the EURGBP exchange rate. They should all be the exact same, no?

You will never get the exact same pricing. Welcome to the wonderful world of RETAIL SPOT FOREX.

Chances are that any differences would be due to spreads widening at the time.

Thanks for that chart. I don’t see any Stop Loss clean out candles on that either.

Here you are too. As I said: we can do this all day. For every bad rating you find I can find a good one.

I do not think your thread and accusations are warranted. But each to their own. All I know is that I have years of experience with both ETX and Deltastock and I have never ever had an issue. And that is all there is to it. I mean to say I cannot agree with you if I don’t agree with you or if my experience is not the same as yours. And bear in mind: I am (now) merely a client and nothing more. Were this a few years back I could well understand if you took my input with a pinch of salt given that I was on a broker payroll (although let me state CATEGORICALLY that I stand by every single thing that I ever posted with respect to the broker concerned to this day). But that is certainly not the case anymore. Point is: I have absolutely nothing to gain (or lose for that matter) if you open an account with ETX, Deltastock, DF Markets or some bucket shop in Donkey Sh1t City, Republica de Las Paranoias. Your money. Your choice.

Moreover: I believe I have tried to help you. As have one or two others on this thread. But: you seem determined to burn your fingers. For what reason is beyond me. But there you go. Five minute charts, Bitcoin, spot FOREX. Nah. I wish you the best of luck. Because you are going to need it.

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Yep…my money, my choice…looking at GlobalPrime right now…very good reviews on FPA, so either they don’t piss people off with lots of unjustifiable shenanigans or they are awesome at suppressing negative feedback and are on a rampage with hundreds of positive shill reviews…

Demo account first, see how things pan out on that…watch for any wild deviations in price action which basically amounts to theft from real peoples live accounts with real money in them, then I will take it from there…

…got to find a platform I feel comfortable with and confident in, otherwise no way am I doing this…had very bad experiences on UNREGULATED crypto exchanges in the past…on the one hand, this may justify your negative stance towards crypto…but on the otherhand, I do know off people who have invested small amounts into crypto and have amassed small fortunes that they can basically retire with…pro traders and retard ‘hodlers’ alike.

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he is german. they love to ask questions but if they dont like the answer they get upset. its how they r.

That’s funny. Sounds like a Croation I know!!! LOL!!!

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Ich bin kein Deutscher. Nur meine Freundin/quasi Ehefrau ist.

MatDerKater ist mein Spitzname, da ‘MatTheCat’ oftmals nicht verfügbar ist.


tip von mir: hör auf leute die das hier schon seit 10+ jahren machen.

Alright. Listen up. Friends???

I’m really happy to help out. I’m just not sure I can help you with your proposed style or methodology. If you were happy to trade Equities and Commodities and only the daily timeframes then no problem. But I could never give you input or advice when it comes to spot FOREX or trading on the shorter timeframes i.e. it would just be negative input. If you can get it right: well I will salute you. In truth: probably better than sitting on positions for days and sometimes weeks as I do. Makes quicker money. It’s just not something that has ever worked for me. And I believe I tried really hard when I started out. So maybe I just don’t have what it takes to do what it is that you would like to do. Doesn’t mean that either of us are wrong. We just have very different approaches to this.

As for brokers: if you really believe that what happened is an issue then contact them and ask. It stands to reason that at least once or twice in the last at least five years that something has happened that I either didn’t understand or was indeed a genuine problem. But ETX has always just sorted it out then and there and that was the end of it. That’s very different from my bucket shop experiences when I started out I can tell you. Matter of fact there’s a particular bucket shop in Belize that believe me: given half the chance… Let me not add to my woes and quit while I’m ahead and still have my freedom!!!

Check again the time on your etx chart - then translate that time into EST - then google any significance for the market.

Oanda live had the same blip:


Whilst there is no guarantee that this trade will work:

Anyone who knows what they are looking at, will appreciate immediately why this has to be done on 5 min (or less charts).

If the trade works, I sell 50% at value, and whold on to the rest to see where it can go, cos USDJPY is trading in a channel with a downward gradient, and there is a hell of a lot of room below the Point of Control in the Volume Profiler.

Just saying, that 5 minute charts are not the reserve of day trader retail n00bs.

Edit: and if/when price gets down to the PoC, the follow on trade for the remaining 50% demonstrates where USDJPY is likely going probs sometime next week:

And a similar thing with EURUSD:

Again, all the early reversal signals register on the LTF charts…

With this one, my Stop Loss will sit much deeper, as this was a tag of a HTF 61.8% Swing retrace level. After such a sharp sell off, this is sure to bounce hard in the very near future, even if the ‘bottom’ has not yet registered.

Ok…so stopped out on the USDJPY idea taken on the 5 minute chart. With hindsight I don’t think my resistance levels were very wisely chosen here…the reversal could have worked…but it didn’t. So lost a couple of hundred imaginary bucks on that one.

But the EURUSD trade taken off the 5 minute charts is off to a flyer already with 1st stop target hit netting me several hundred imaginary bucks with much more to come it seems:

…am now tracing this on HTF looking to increase imaginary long position. I think EURUSD is going to take out the recent high, if so I will net such a huge imaginary win here of a relatively small stake, that I imagine I won’t have to go to my not so imaginary job anymore, which for me is offshore for weeks at a time, which is total fkn ■■■■ btw.

Here, a good old 61.8% retrace rebound on the HTF charts:

Of course, nobody in there right mind would take a Forex 100/1 margin long right at the foot of that big fkn red dildo…BUT…if you hone right down to the LTF charts and you see strong reversal mechanics confirm across price, volume, and momentum…then it has got to be worth a shot any day of the week.


My apologies for being so tardy here i.e. I received the below direct from the horses mouth last week but forgot to post it here (from ETX as I in fact went to the trouble of querying YOUR problem FOR you last week). Only remembered now when you started posting here again and I received a notification.

“If this was indeed an anomaly on a chart we could correct and would also ensure that if a client is stopped out incorrectly that they could come back in at their initial price. It must be made clear though that we only review any issues on a case by case basis.”

So not all brokers (and certainly not ETX) are out there to gun your £1 GBP stop I assure you.