Eu & gu chart analysis

The target for eurusd pair was reached. Now making some pips out of the retracement. :sunglasses::sunglasses:

GBPUSD price action reached my TP1 for shorts on the very first day of the week. See 02-06 March 2020 chart.

Here is my eurusd projection for this week. 02-06 March 2020

Aiming for 1.0800. Who else is cheering for bears? :smiley:
Link to chart.

The eurusd pair appears to be in a horizontal channel. August in the spotlight 2

GBPUSD is making a correction on H4/daily chart. GBPUSD September in the Spotlight

EURUSD continues to move in the horizontal channel. We look forward to shorting the pair first before going long from the bottom of the channel. EURUSD September in the Spotlight

GBPUSD is on an uptrend; but will that last? See my newest chart. GBPUSD October in the Spotlight

Trump testing positive for Covid-19 should devalue the dollar briefly, but the market might prove us wrong.
EURUSD October in the Spotlight

I think it is a nice thread. I will keep an eye on it to keep learning about new things.

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USA presidential election is still on through the count of the remaining ballots. Here is my newest chart for this month. November in the Spotlight

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EURUSD could retest the 1.1700 area. November in the Spotlight

GBPUSD could move towards the lower limit of the uptrend channel. January in the Spotlight 2021