Eu & gu chart analysis

The currency market, though digital, is one of the few places where one could make a lot of money simply by trading currencies on a leveraged account. But to achieve that, the trader needs to be always aware of the possible future moves of the price to any of the pairs it is trading. In addition to attaining qualities like patience and self-control. The future is uncertain but a dogmatic approach to trading while making use of the technical tools will increase our chances of successful trading.

The purpose of this thread is to share my projections and analyses of the EURUSD and GBPUSD pairs and possibly add any other pair I might be interested in at a particular moment of time. I am in the shoes of many traders here and on alike platforms and I aim to gradually gain knowledge and experience. I am open to civilized conversations, will accept alternative opinions and analyses, and will read attentively any criticism.

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The H&S pattern on eurusd H4/daily chart was validated. I look forward to seeing the price dip to autumn lows. See my chart here.

Wheres the head and shoulders?

Hi. I appreciate your post. Here is the link to the H&S pattern on the eurusd H4 chart.

This seems like a good thread. I`ll keep an eye on it.

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Here is my take on this week GBPUSD performance. 27-31 January

this thread was needed, thank you. will defintiely follow this one, cheers

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There is a short opportunity on gold. The price might be going down during US session.

That’s great to know that.

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UPDATE: The golden cross of EMA200 and EMA50 pushed the gbpusd price downwards.

GBPUSD UPDATE: The price reached the upper limit of what was a descending triangle on H4. It might reverse from this moment on and have a bull rally begin.

GBPUSD UPDATE: The pair made a consistent retracement yesterday, but it seems it wants to retest the previous low today.

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yep but not for me today.

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UPDATE GBPUSD: The price spiked during BoE release on Interest Rate Decision on Thursday and is still bullish in the first half of the EU session. I look forward to finding a good spot for shorting in a 20 pips retracement.

UPDATE GBPUSD: It reached DR1 on my charts. If it goes bearish from this moment on, we could aim for 30 to 40 pips. That is if the price returns to day opening.

Our target (tp1) 1.3200 on gbpusd was achieved. :grinning: :grinning:

See chart 27-31 January 2020

There is a cup and handle pattern lookalike on the H4 (eurusd) chart. See here.

GBPUSD has given both bulls and bears plenty of pips. My opinion is that trading will happen within a rectangle. GU 3-7 February 2020

My thoughts on GBPUSD price action for this week. 10-14 February 2020

The EURUSD price reached the lower limit of the descending triangle on the weekly chart and so bounced off last Friday. 25-28 February 2020