EU Regulated broker

Can anybody suggest me EU regulated forex broker with good trading conditions?

I use IG never a issue

what is the commission they charge?

Go for fxview mate. Sound trading conditions, comm. $1 per side

I second having no issues with IG, commissions charged are 3 to 8 pounds per trade. If that’s a high price for you, then Fxview is another good option with similar offerings but a lower commission rate of a dollar.

Heard alot about Fxview these days. Started trading on their demo account. Have you made deposit/withdrawal with them so far? I guess they are new in market.

Are the spreads of IG and Fxview are same? I guess $8 is actually high commission.

For me personally though instead of regulations, order execution and funding options are more important criteria. I have my accounts with Turnkey-Forex and Europe Forex Invest (EFI). Since they don’t have any hedging, scalping and EA trading restrictions, it works for me.