EU Regulated broker

Can anybody suggest me EU regulated forex broker with good trading conditions?

I use IG never a issue

what is the commission they charge?

Go for fxview mate. Sound trading conditions, comm. $1 per side

I second having no issues with IG, commissions charged are 3 to 8 pounds per trade. If that’s a high price for you, then Fxview is another good option with similar offerings but a lower commission rate of a dollar.

Heard alot about Fxview these days. Started trading on their demo account. Have you made deposit/withdrawal with them so far? I guess they are new in market.

Are the spreads of IG and Fxview are same? I guess $8 is actually high commission.

For me personally though instead of regulations, order execution and funding options are more important criteria. I have my accounts with Turnkey-Forex and Europe Forex Invest (EFI). Since they don’t have any hedging, scalping and EA trading restrictions, it works for me.

ya it works differently for all. some people might want to look for the regulation and some people might not. priorities are different.

For me regulation is important because it shows that a broker can be trusted with the invested capital. I trade from Australia, and I trade with FP Markets because it is advantageous for me because of its ASIC regulation.

And their raw ecn account trading condition is reasonable when compared to brokers like Turnkey and Europe forex.