EUR Fundamentals

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I have a question: I read (at grabthefx) that the CHF may fall due to this new tax evasion agreement, and that that maybe would cause also the EUR to go up; what’s the fundamental explanation on this opinion? I was thinking that CHF would fall because many people evading taxes in Switzerland won’t do it no more, so that’s why they might not be demanding as much CHFs as previous the agreement. And the Euro might go up because it’s no longer attractive for a EU citizen to take their money to Switzerland. What do you think? would that happen immediately, taking in count that the agreement is set for 2018? I would say yes… as people would take their money to other places starting now… But I also know that this isn’t the only agreement about tax evasion that has being sign.
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As Mr. Draghi decided to talk again, here is his speech:

Mario Draghi: Hearing at the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs of the European Parliament

New drops of wisdom from Mr. Draghi:

Mario Draghi: Atlantic Council Remarks

Mr. Draghi has mixed up the markets once more, before the new year. Make sure to read the following article:

Mario Draghi: ECB press conference - introductory statement

Mr. Draghi shared again some fundamental thoughts with the public:

Mario Draghi: Participation of the President in the Portuguese Council of State

Funny thing about our economies. Euro and US, we have to rely on the Banks to bail us out of problems that never end. And the fed to tell the banks how much money they need to bail us out. Tells you something about our system of capitalism. It doesn’t work! If it does work, it works for all the wrong reasons. Maybe good for us FX’ers! at least there is some volatility to work with. Even though our economies are shot to , he-L!