Eur/Jpy Idea

Just a quick note, Looks like a nice entry point at market short 156.04 (SL 156.46) (PT1 155.20 area) could possibly carry to 154.50.

Happy Pippin:)

Since Japan outlook turned bearish again on JPY, I am not longer long the Yen, but will still watch this trade. :slight_smile:

Wish you good luck!

For anyone who looked at my trade idea, if you didn’t exit the trade already. I recommend exiting the trade either now or at the bottom of the next slow stochastic’s move, depending on whether you use stochastics. I closed out of the trade with 19 pips.:slight_smile:


Yup as you sad look like good idea to exit.I just look at 4H chart and it show like a triangles pattern and price just break out for a long.I’m a still newbie so plese look by your self.