Eur/Try Short

Eur/Try daily

Entry Point: between 2.329 and 2.317 :slight_smile:
Stop Loss: 2.36
Profit Target: Tp 1 : 2.27, but as you know, carry trade is not about taking out the profit. more about counting the days, and the interest on the interest…
Trade Explanation: carry trade , 2.329 will be a strong resistance. hope I can try a carry trade with this pair :slight_smile:
as I’m a newbie, any suggestion is welcomed. as you see, I’m not that punctual on the entry

hi everyone in the galaxy, now, that we retraced so well, I’d like to place an order at about 1.3295 and 1.3430
wish me luck

today I placed a market short at 2.3097 with a Takeprofit: 2.2922
I think it’s conservative. I could have place a 2.Takeprofit at 2.27, but I’m not convinced.
shorted U/Try as well at 1.7897 market-order, Takeprofit:1.7855
I could say, it’s an examination. no longterm

and I deleted E/Try at 2.316

shorted at 2.3397 . Friday. 2012.12.14

shorted at 2.3663 (wednesday, 19.12.2012). I was impatient to wait till 2.37 psychological level. Triple top on daily. expect price to go for 2.27 and deeper.
shorted E/NOK at 7.3919 - where it seemed to me it retraced. expect price to 7.33, 7.30, 7.288, 7.111, 7.098