EUR/USD Daily Chart Reviews

What’s up homies! I realized that I have some time to spare in between fixing my fro and sparklin’ up all my bling so I thought I’d make daily EUR/USD chart reviews for y’all.

The plan is to upload a 15-minute chart of EUR/USD on a daily basis with annotations on what happened the day before. You’ll see a bunch of colored lines on the charts and here’s what they mean:

Green – previous day high and low (PDL)
Blue – previous week high low (PWL)
Pink – day open price (DO)
Purple – week open price (WO)
Black – major (00s) and minor psychological (50s) handles (will also be called MaPs and MiPs)

As a brotha lookin’ out for all my others brothas and sistahs, I figured that this could help us all understand price action better. Ya dig?

Without further ado, here’s my first chart review!

What do you think? Is this a good idea? Is this something you’d read on a daily basis? Let me know!


It s something I ll definitely be following daily.

Keep this going! This would be awesome! A lot to learn from this. Keep rockin’ the fro, yo.

This is a very good idea but again, you need to go further by analyse the chart and give your own view of the market…

Good idea! but don’t forget to include you thought and possibilities…

Babypips just gets better and better !!

A great idea, but maybe include the announcements (expectations, GMT) for the following day?

Dude this is awesome!

Nice Work. Please keep it coming.

That’s a solid yes please do this.

I figured I would comment so that I get e-mail updates on this thread! Following for sure!

Dope feedback homies.

I’ll continue doing this over the next two weeks, and if there’s enough interest, I’ll keep on posting (and possibly even expand to other currency pairs like GBP/USD). Also, I’ll be focusing on REVIEWS of price action on this thread. I’ll try to fit everything in one chart for easy viewing.

For potential setups and other fundamental previews, you can just check my Daily Chart Art posts and Pip Diddy’s Daily Forex Fundamentals!


Here’s what happened to EUR/USD yesterday:

This is what we were expecting.

Technical analysis combined with fundamental events.

Go on posting. Will definitely following.

Awesome initiative. I only trade the EUR/USD. Yesterday was a good day for me (some 30-40 pips), although I traded purely technical. Nice to see these reviews :slight_smile:

Thumbs up!!! please keep this flowing…

almost every trader knows what has happened yesterday or before etc… it will be effective if you post your own predictions and analysis considering yesterday’s or previous date and let the traders comment on your analysis. i think this way we every body will learn batter the price action together with fundamental impact on pair. hope you will consider. thanks. however, nice start.

…good suggestion amarbutt. what happened the previous day is obvious, what will happen the following day is exactly what we expect you to lay emphasis on. good job here all the same, keep it up…

nice thread, interested

This is hot!