EUR/USD - manipulation of the flashing?

Hi everyone!

I have a question regarding th strange price action today on the Eurodollar. Almost till 16 London time, the bear have been in control. However, in less that 15 minutes, the price shot up by 60 pips, and then went back down afterwards… However, this does not correspond to the publication or any economic figure! But it perfectly coincide with the FX flashing in London, if what I read on the internet is correct.
How come? Would that mean that the market is manipulated? Does it happen often? Would you enter the market on such moves at this hour?
I know that this happen relatively often on the equity market. So I am just wondering if you think this is the case here, or if I missed something!


Think about NY cut and consequences

NY cut is at 10am EST, so 15pm London time if I am right? So they do not occur at the same time?
What do you mean by the consequences?
I am just trying to check if it is possible to trade on timing similarities: for instance for the last few days, European morning sessions have been quite bearish for the EUR/USD while the afternoon was really bullish. Which also corresponds to the open of the US market. Does anyone “arbitrage” this? Any idea to make the most of it?

At this specific time, some participants have bought much yen.

They have done that by using their accumulated expensive currencies (EUR and GBP)

Now they have tons of yens and they will use this to fund other investments (including spot positions)

These things are not happening usually.

May be big boys taking positions/ closing positions or taking profits.