EUR/USD Pro Trade Ideas

The following chart shows the EU 1 hour. Price has been stuck in this tight trading range for almost 24 hours.

The cup and handle pattern forming is nothing new to the Asian session-- it is quite common. I am expecting a breakout sometime either before London or just after the start of the session. It will be the third push up to form the upper line of the 1-hour triangle.

Profit target at around 1.18500. Wait for breakout of the range. The 15-minute candle close is the minimum, with the 1 hour close being ideal.

Took scalp here. Normally would wait for PB to re-enter. But way past my bed time :sleeping:

I got a few hours of sleep. then I woke up to this…

Good thing I took a scalp profit and decided not to hold overnight. This is what kills most traders, especially when trading the majors.

Usually, the next session will completely negate what happened in the session before it,as what happened here.

The good news is that my original premise looks like it will resume, so I took another entry right at the start of NY. Hopefully, I will get a bit of follow-through this time.

The graphs look very interesting. You are also doing great by making required trading decisions.