EUR/USD Shock drop

How many folks were already short this pair before the ridiculous pounding its taking?

Anyone else targeting 1.3350 or do folks have other more ambitious target for the day?

If 1.34 doesn’t hold, I don’t see any real daily support levels until 1.32’ish

Think 1.3350± should be solid enough for the price to make a rebound, and lets see the price action and momentum of the rebound to decide whether it is just a correction or a trend reversal

Looks like the 3400 level is holding fairly well, at least for the current churning period. I’ve got a pretty tight stop in place so hopefully it doesn’t break above 3430 before heading to 3350.

Is anyone expecting it to drop all the way to the uptrend line around 1.322 before bouncing up?

There is an important support line at 1.3260ish let’s see what will happen there.