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Buy At 1.4715 Targets 1.4740

Trades above pivot level 1.4709 . Immediate resistance seen at 1.4739 while support seen at 1.4676
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Trading foreign exchange on margin carries a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors. The high degree of leverage can work against you as well as for you.

Hi Vassili,
How long have you been using these signals, how precise are they?
Wanted to ask, if you also know anything about ‘’ signals, can’t find any forums on them.

Thank you,
Best regards,

Hey Timbaboy,
I’m sorry i don’t know anything about, but i’m using the signals from about a month ago and i won about 190pips, but didn’t trade all signals, till now they are very good.

Well i have bought (SELL) UJ and I think it was not a good move. As there are no scope for it to go down now. Only uptrend and expected to touch 124 this week if USD housing reports are good.

hi vassili,

just i was curious to know where you enter your stop loss, 30 pips away or more? as you didnt post any stop loss here
or the signal company r so pretty sure about there targets and positive trades? LOL

Hi Vassili

Are you by any chance GREEK. I am .


Please how can I benefit from this service? Thank you.

Vassilli gets his signals from They use conventional signals found from any broker. It seems like a very good system when used with proper money management. Try icycloud system found here in free forex systems. I’ve been using it and it seems very good for both pros and newbies like me. I like it because it’s remarkable for people who have another day gig. Don’t expect immediate performance. It’s NOT day trading or scalping but a very patient system based on a sound premisis.