Eur/usd wave

Any care to comment on this chart? the wave started back in october of 2006. as seen on the chart, wave 2 dipped between 50%-61.8% retracement of wave 1. Top of wave 3 is just at about 138.2% of wave 1. so far, all confirming the elliot wave. Right now, it seems that we are on the middle of wave 5. the last bullish wave.

the question is, will this pair run up to 1.3900 or 161.8% of wave 1? or even higher?

I straight converted my USD to EUR back in June when the pair crossed bellow the 100% line at 1.3350. I’m still riding the wave now. Initially I figured it would go up to 1.4100.

Any comments?

thanks in advance.