EURAUD Swing Short

Animal? What do you mean?

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As in beast, moving in strong directions then consolidating. Its a very tough one to predict

The pair has been bearish in the daily chart. The price has been searching for its support. The level of 1.46000 may come into play and hold the price as a level of support and push the price towards the North.

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Thats a nice round number too. I like these psychological levels

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Nice videos, have been following for a good few weeks now. They are a nice Monday morning watch for me over here in Australia

The pair may produce a Double Top around 1.51500. If that happens, the pair may get bearish and find its support around 1.46000. The sellers may keep an eye on the pair to go short in coming days.

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Its such a hard pair to analysis atm too with ECB and fundamentals. ill be waiting for the next update see what Lee thinks

Good morning all, hope everyone is having a good weekend. Markets open again tonight so having a little look at some possible setups. It has been a while since we have taken a trade on EURAUD , since that last big killer trade. A buy trade at the demand just below price here looks like a nicer little setup possible forming over the next couple of days. Price is now trading back above the moving average in what looks to be a bullish trend starting. We visited supply and look to be dropping back. If price gets top the demand, then we can look to take a buy and hopefully break the supply zone on the next try, and fill the imbalances above from that previous big drop, that’s the first target, second would be the supply zone above. Keep watch over the next couple of days and be ready, hope you all have a good week, GLIYF

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The daily chart shows that the pair had rejection at 1.53450 twice. A breakout at the neckline may attract the sellers to go short and drive the price towards the downside.

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Can see that too and the fundamentals are in line with this analysis as well

The level of 1.48350 has been working as a level of support. The price has been in consolidation around the level. Traders must wait for the price either to produce a bullish reversal candle to go long or a bearish breakout to go short in the pair.

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Ill definitely be waiting for more confirmation before entering. Such choppy markets at the moment

I’m seeing a lot more downside to come unfortunately! Euro is really suffering lately.

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Another bounce at the marked support zone may push the price towards the North. However, the price may find its resistance at the trend line. We may consider taking a partial profit at the trend line.

Taking partials is always a good idea.

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It’s a vital part of my trading plan, as long as its part of how one trades it is just key to be consistent at whatever you do

The pair made a breakout at a significant level of support in the H4 chart. It is traded below the level. The sellers may keep their eyes in the pair to go short if it produces a bearish reversal pattern around that breakout level.

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