EURAUD Swing Short

The pair made a good bullish move in the H4 chart. To make a bearish correction, it made a strong bearish move as well. However, it is still traded above the breakout level. Thus, we may get some long opportunities in the pair this week.

This week’s video is now out. GBP bounced back, will it last? Only time will tell, head over and give me a sub if you haven’t already. Hope you all have a good trading week

The pair made a bullish breakout at 1.54000. It is traded above the level. Thus, the buyers may keep their eyes on the pair to go long from value areas.

Im bullish on EUR at the moment will be keeping a close eye on the LTFs for an entry

Good morning all. If you watched my YT video beginning of the week I was looking to do an intraday sell on EURAUD as a sell to buy trade. Well the setup worked out as planned and yesterday we hit the TP zone below for a 160+ pip return of 1:3. But price did wick out quickly, not giving us a lot of time to get our buy trades on. BUT I think it may be possible that we could see another visit to the demand zone before we move upwards and break supply to continue the trend. So that’s the next setup I am looking to trade, a buy at the demand zone below or as close to the trend line as we can get. Get it marked up and keep a watch out and be ready. Will update again if price doesn’t run away from us. Have a good weekend all GLIYF

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Looks like more a mass accumulation into a nice buy model. Really nicely done

We have just tapped a monthly/weekly OB and I’m expecting some downside from here. Let’s see what happens as we move into next week.

Is this still going?

The pair has been in ranges in the H4 chart for a while. A breakout below 1.54200 may attract the sellers to go short in the pair. On the other hand, a bullish breakout above 1.57000 may push the price towards the North. Let us wait and watch which way it goes to make the next breakout.

GBP giving us the pips at the moment. Is the $$$ turning bearish longer term? This week’s video out now, head over and like and subscribe it would be appreciated

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Thanks buddy will head over and take a look.

BTC is definitely moving up in my opinion. Its been a nice move over the last week

Be interested in your analysis on this pair for next week :+1:

Expecting price to hit around 1.6000 - then we might see more downside on this pair. Technically we are still bearish.

Still expecting price to come back to this area before shorting! Let’s see

The pair has been choppy in the H4 chart. Keep an eye at 1.55000. A bearish reversal candle followed by a breakout at 1.54600 may make the pair bearish. On the other hand, a bullish breakout at 1.55000 may push the price towards the North.

Few pairs still in weird places, couple of trades still open running profits. Data being released today for EUR and GBP so that might get things moving. Head over for this weeks video. Appreciate any likes and subs, hope you all have a good trading week.

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Thanks for the updates! ill check this out a little later

The pair had a rejection at 1.55500 and made a bearish breakout at 1.54700. It may get bearish and find its next support around 1.53000.

A lot of USD red flag news coming out this week. Hopefully it will be good for the trades we are currently managing. Head over to take a look at this week’s video. Appreciate any likes and subscribers. Have a good trading week all