EURGBP Short Trade

Well well well. A look back at EURGBP and i have been saying for a long time this is going down. Initially from the 0.9 area and also since xmas too. Weve been in this small wedge and its ended with a break out below the support area .

This gives us a simple rule set for a nice entry for a short. That’s if you havent already been short since we last looked at this pair. Wait for a pullback in price to retest the broken support and sell that sucker. Nice and easy for us all. Enjoy the rest of your weekend :slight_smile:


Boom and there she blows, or drops as is the case ! Nice analysis as always mate and will enter once we get that nice retest, enjoy your weekend too chap

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Thanks for the analysis, will be looking at this pair first thing Monday morning.

Quite fancy this set-up, not a pair i usually like to trade, but believe in the technical’s and leave the emotion at the door.


I’ll be monitoring this one. Looks set up for the short so just have to carry out our checks, empoy good RM and jump on if it happens

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Great chart and definitely looking at trading this set up waiting for the pull back and the enter in for the sell off again!

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Analysis looks spot on, roll on Monday…

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Waiting for the pullback and if it rejects that Zone Sell like hell !

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Exactly the price action is easier to read on this pair than others

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Seems like another Titanic pair. :joy:

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thanks will keep my eye on this on monday

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Back to EURGBP as i know a few of you were looking at this pair. We were sitting down at the 0.83 price point. i dont think i could of made it easier for you to get in on this sell position. Price came right up to the magic blue circle and rejected nicely off the resistance zone . Creating a morning start candle on the daily, currently were in a Doji on the daily but obviously it hasnt finished completing yet, but it looks like its possible it could turn for the sell. This should of been your trade idea. a nice run down to the 1.6 extension fib for a 4.9 R:R and 300 pip possible move. Hope you caught that one, if so should be currently 40+ pips up. lock it to break even and let it run.

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Nice analysis and great shout. Got in a little later than I would of ideally liked but some made some decent pips. Will be keeping my focus on this pair this week again.

If you follow these setups and analysis then you should be in this trade now. I marked out the good entry zones in the magic blue circle. Price has came up and touched it for the second time, rejected the previous support which is now confirmed resistance, giving us an entry point. This gave us a nice 1 - 4.9 R:R , the next zone to be careful of is the support level below from the previous support. If it breaks through that then TP should be successful. GLIYF

Alot of people have been asking about EURGBP as it went miles past the blue circle which was my prediction. This to me looks like the current situation. I would say we are literally right on the edge of switching between bearish and bullish . Price has made equal lows to the bottom and equal highs. For it to turn bullish for me we would need to see a higher high form and daily candle close in the yellow circle. That would signify the switch in bias. Until then im still looking for price exhaustion in these areas. It also looks to be in this big 300 pip range, we could just bounce top to bottom until some certainty appears. A move either way in the yellow circles will signify the trend direction, for a further move going forward. stay safe out there the markets are wild at the moment

EURGBP has been bearish for a while now. But it looks like there could be a new bull forming. We have completely broken out of that big range it was bouncing up and down in. Price has rejected off the 0.382 Fib, so for me i will be looking for buys if price comes back down to the 50%, previous resistance at the top of that range should turn support, if it holds then i will look for the buy. Its also possible we could break below depending on what GBP has to offer, note RSi is overbought so drop should be imminent.

87.80 looks to be a reasonable target - then a little stall.

All over the place this one at them moment, totally unpredictable…

When you get to know a particular cross (following this one since the beginning of the Euro) then it’s possible to get a sense of where it’s headed.

It took just 6 days but hit the 87.80 today - and stalled…

(red line is 87.80)


Think you could be right.