EURJPY Short Idea

[B]My picks:[/B] limit entry short EURUSD at 1.4025 (from yesterday), waiting on EURJPY
[B]Expertise:[/B] Technical
[B]Average Time Frame of Trades:[/B]

Remain with the short EURUSD entry at 1.4025. The EURJPY has caught my attention as well. 139.17 may have been the top. The rally from 112.04 can be counted as an impulse in the C wave position (wave iv of the rally is a triangle). It is noteworthy that the rally stalled in the center of the former 4th wave’s price area. This is common. A breach of 139.17 would suggest an extended 5th wave and expose the 61.8% of the decline from 170 at 148.50. I am looking to go short, probably near 135 but I’ll have a better idea of the entry as the set-up matures.