Euro Complex Correction Unfolding

[B]Commentary[/B]: Near term, the EURUSD has traded in a choppy manner, which may be a triangle. A thrust below 1.3637 is possible (see alternate arrow arrangement in red) before the expected move higher above 1.3727. It seems more likely now that a more complex correction (much like GBPUSD) is playing out from 1.3608.

The rally from 1.3608 to 1.3727 is wave a and the decline from there is wave b. A rally in wave c towards 1.3750 is expected before a reveral and drop under 1.3608. This places the dominant 3 wave decline from 1.3852 as larger wave A and everything that has followed as larger wave B.

[B]Strategy[/B]: Remain bullish, against 1.3608, targets 1.3750 (then flip to short against 1.3852)