Euro Crosses: Bigger Picture Bear Comes in to Focus

-EURGBP target area begins at .8190
-EURCAD bearish below 1.6014
-EURNZD closing in on an important low

Euro / British Pound

The EURGBP trend is down as long as price is below .8870. Staying beneath there keeps the pair on a path lower towards the area of the former 4th wave at .7690-.8190. Initial short term resistance is.8550.

Euro / Swiss Franc

The EURCHF remains confined to a contracting range. Bulls have been thwarted by the 200 day SMA (red) and a drop below 1.5000 would expose the 61.8% of the bull leg from 1.4575 at 1.4910. There is also a potential support drawn off of the October 2008 and March lows. That line is at 1.4785 today and increases about 3 pips per day.

Euro / Canadian Dollar

Failure to hold above a support line from late 2007 favors additional weakness. Staying below 1.6014 keeps the trend pointed down. Weakness from the December high at 1.7522 may be a series of 1st and 2nd waves. Expect resistance following a push above 1.5781.

Euro / Australian Dollar

I had been expecting a long term 5th wave from 1.5470 to extend. This remains possible but I want to show the monthly just to illustrate that it is just as possible that a multi decade top is in place for the EURAUD at 2.1174 (October 2008 high). The implications here are enormous of course. This is a pair that you may want to keep an eye on. Even if the top is in at 2.1174, there will be a strong advance before the bulk of the decline (as a second wave) so be patient.

Euro / New Zealand Dollar

The decline from the February high may be nearing an end as a 5th wave diagonal. A drop below 2.1630 would complete 5 waves down from 2.5815 and set the stage for a countertrend rally back to 2.3600.

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